Are You Struggling With Flying Termites In Boca Raton

Termites are found year-round in Boca Raton, as there is no specific season for them to hit your home. While they might go dormant during the colder months, termites will still live in your home and destroy your walls. Termites cause billions of dollars in damages each year all across the States. If you don’t want your home in Boca Raton to also fall victim to their destruction, you need to know how to get rid of termites as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to contact your local Boca Raton pest control company, like ours at Great Southern Environmental Services.

What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

Do you know how to recognize flying termites or simple worker termites? Did you know that termites with wings have a different purpose than their wingless counterparts? Termite identification can be vital in figuring out how long a colony has been infesting your home. Flying or winged termites can also be called swarmers. 

These termites typically have small black or brown bodies with wings on their back. Swarmers’ sole purpose is to branch off to mate and build a new colony entirely. Therefore, if you find piles of wings around your home or see a termite with wings, you should quickly call in the pros. 

Winged Swarming Termites Could Be The First Warning Sign

Finding winged termites around your home can be a warning sign that a new colony is about to start building within your walls, but it could also mean that you already have a massive termite problem. Winged termites come from already established colonies to keep growing and expanding. Watch for these other signs of a potential termite infestation:

  • Mud tubes on your walls or outside leading to your foundation.
  • Dark spots, fecal matter, on your windowsill or door frames.
  • Piles of wings or a fine sawdust-like buildup near doors or windows. 
  • Windows that stick when you try to open them.
  • Bruised or discolored walls can become structurally unsound.

Termites can hide for years before you notice something is wrong, but if you pay attention and have your home inspected every so often, you can stay ahead of the problem. Don’t let your home or wallet take the hit that a termite swarm can bring. If you suspect a termite infestation, schedule an inspection today.

Of the kinds of termites that you could find around your home, termite swarms are on the clock when it comes to settling. A swarm will only last at most, 40 minutes before they establish a new colony and find a place to set up, or they will die out. You can quickly identify the aftermath of a termite swarm as there will be many dead termites and discarded wings everywhere. However, a successful swarm will go unnoticed for the most part. You’ll only really find out about their success from the damage they will continue to inflict on your home. 

How Long Before I Need To Call About Termites

If you’ve seen a termite swarm around your home, it means you’re on the clock and need to call a professional termite treatment provider immediately. While they may or may not have actually become established within your home, the fact that they’re swarming nearby means it’s only a matter of time before they make their way inside your home. If you’ve seen an active swarm around your Boca Raton home or the telltale signs of their presence, like discarded wings, get on the phone and call us here at Great Southern Environmental Services for immediate termite control solutions!

How Do You Get Rid Of Flying Termites For Good?

If you want to get rid of flying termites for good, you need an experienced  Boca Raton pest control company to give you a hand. At Great Southern Environmental Services, you’ll find a team that has the know-how to deal with any pests that invade your home. When it comes to pests, the best way to get rid of termites will always be to call a team to eradicate the problem. 

Our Great Southern Environmental Services team will consistently deliver the pest-free results you want. Depend on us to get the job done. Contact Great Southern Environmental Services to find out more about our different service options and call to schedule an inspection today.