Buzz Off: Your Ultimate Guide To Bee Prevention And Control In Lighthouse Point

We love watching bees buzz around our flowers and gardens – but we don’t love bees getting too close to our homes. If you have a stinging insect allergy and are worried about getting stung, spotting a bee could spike your blood pressure and trigger severe anxiety.

The truth is you can’t avoid all bees in Lighthouse Point, even if you try your hardest and you may not want to. These helpful pollinators serve an important role in our ecosystems by helping trees and flowers produce more fruit. They’re also known to travel miles away from their hive to collect pollen for their colony. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t control their numbers or at least redirect them away from your yard. In fact, using the right prevention steps and getting a pest control company in Lighthouse Point can stop unwanted colonies from settling down near your home. This guide explores the bee prevention tips you should know to live in harmony with pollinators throughout the year.

The Bee Life Cycle: From Egg To Adult Bee

Before we jump into the step-by-step process of preventing bee infestations, we should at least touch on some portion of the bee life cycle so you can better understand how they behave.

Honey bees, which are one of the most widely recognized type of bees in America, live in large colonies of 20,000 to 80,000 individuals. Each of these bees is assigned a role in a caste system consisting of workers, queens, and drones.

It all begins with a single queen honey bee. Attended to by a small number of loyal ‘followers,’ she leaves the hive and sets up a new colony near potential food and water sources. Her tiny bee eggs eventually hatch into larvae, which grow into pupae once capped inside a bee ‘cell.’ The emerging adult bee is then assigned to work depending on gender and ‘royal’ status.

Since hives can provide several laying queens per year, it’s likely that a single colony can double over the course of a season. And multiple bee hives, unfortunately, mean multiple problems and serious concerns.

Health Risks: Allergies, Stings, And Other Dangers Of Bees

Bees are not aggressive by nature and rarely choose to pursue people or pets without good reason. However, the sting of a bee is incredibly painful, not to mention venomous and potentially fatal for those with allergies. People with bee allergies may go into anaphylactic shock following a sting, which requires immediate treatment and potential hospitalization.

Keep in mind the sting of a honey bee is fatal to the bee itself. This means pain and serious risks on your end, as well as the needless death of a pollinator. So how can you prevent bee stings from coming to pass? It all starts with prevention tips for bee control in Lighthouse Point.

Keep A Clean Yard: Regular Maintenance Prevents Bee Invasions

You can keep bees away from your yard with some careful planning and attention. This includes:

  • Removing water sources.
  • Mowing and pruning trees.
  • Controlling fruit trees and flowering weeds in the yard.

Already have a bee infestation? You can call on the team at Great Southern Environmental Services for bee control near you.

Professional Bee Hive Removal: The Safe And Effective Way

Bee infestations can be stressful for many reasons. However, you don’t need to manage the process alone. Great Southern Environmental Services can help you navigate the process with a bee hive removal done with speed, skill, and discretion.

Using beehive removal means no attacking bees. It also means protecting pollinators and the ones you love. Since Great Southern Environmental Services does everything on your behalf, you can reclaim your property without damaging local pollinators.

You can get started with our local pest control company today by contacting our crew at your convenience. We look forward to designing a custom plan and quoting a professional bee hive removal service for your property.