Ant Control 101: A Helpful Guide For Lighthouse Point Homeowners

Ants are small but mighty creatures, and they have a knack for infiltrating homes, causing headaches for homeowners everywhere. Lighthouse Point residents are no exception to these unwelcome visitors. In this guide from Great Southern Environmental Services, we’ll explore the types of ants found in the area, the problems they pose, and, most importantly, effective […]

In The Line Of Bite: How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes In Pompano Beach

Mosquitoes are a common pest that plagues Pompano Beach residents for large portions of the year. Even though autumn is here, mosquitoes are still an issue, so it’s important that you learn how to combat them and keep them from getting a foothold on your property.  This article will focus on helping you understand the […]

Eliminating Cockroaches For Good: A Comprehensive Approach For Pompano Beach Homes

Cockroaches are common, but few homeowners take them seriously until these creepy crawlies find their way into their homes. Once an infestation takes root, it takes a professional hand to end the madness. Great Southern Environmental Services offers our comprehensive cockroach control in Pompano Beach to help homeowners stay safe and pest-free. Read on to […]

Mosquitoes In Lighthouse Point: An All-Inclusive Prevention And Control Guide

Being bitten is never fun. Although bug bites do not hurt as bad as a cat or dog bite, they are still annoying and sometimes equally harmful. Mosquitoes are one pest in Lighthouse that regularly bite humans and are an active problem on local properties. Thankfully, there are methods available to you to stop these […]

Ant Control Maintenance: Keeping Your Pompano Beach Home Ant-Free Long-Term

Ants are common insects that will invade homes. Some of their common characteristics include having a segmented body style with six legs and antennae. Ants are social creatures that form large colonies with others. From their nests, ants forage the surrounding area seeking food sources and will capitalize on opportunities to enter homes. Are you […]

Is Your Pompano Beach Home Safe From Termites?

As a homeowner in Pompano Beach, one of your top concerns should be protecting your property from termites. These tiny insects can cause extensive damage to your home, and without proper pest control in Pompano Beach, you could be at risk of a serious infestation. With the warm and humid climate here in Florida, termites are a […]

Let’s Talk About Termite Control In Lighthouse Point

Everyone, gather around! Today, we have a story of a battle that took place in the quiet corners of an unsuspecting homeowner’s humble abode. It’s a tale of resilience, grit, and a whole lot of aggravation. Yes, we’re talking about a termite problem. It started with a few stray wings on the window sill, but before long, […]

Preparing Your Lighthouse Point Lawn For Spring

Spring showers bring beautiful spring flowers, right? While spring is a wonderful time to start enjoying your backyard again, it can also come with a few challenges. In this article, we’ll explain the lawn care problems that arise in spring and what homeowners can do to solve them. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we work […]

The Best Way To Keep The Ants In Lighthouse Point At Bay

Ants are problematic when they get into your South Florida home, potentially contaminating food and causing damage to your house. These pests invade homes by the thousands, making them hard to eliminate. Lighthouse Point pest control professionals can determine which ants have invaded your home and remove them. Read on to learn more about household ants and […]