Let’s Talk About The Oriental Roaches In Pompano Beach

Cockroaches are a common pest concern, and for good reason. They’re frequently found pests in all types of residences and they can be hard to eliminate. They also get into your food and spread disease. Once an infestation gets going, it takes some effort to end it, so what should you do if you have Oriental cockroaches in Pompano Beach? First of all, don’t panic, because Great Southern Environmental Services offers high-quality pest control in Pompano Beach. We’ll take care of your roach infestation so you can live peacefully pest-free. 

How To Identify Oriental Cockroaches

The first step in treating any infestation is identifying the pest. Oriental cockroaches have a few differences from other roaches. For one, they’re black and shiny. Oriental roaches also typically only grow to be an inch long, and despite having wings, they don’t fly. You might also see egg cases stuck around your house. They’ll be small and dark brown. Cockroach eggs in your home are usually found near food sources, which means you should check surfaces in your kitchen. One egg case can hold as many as sixteen eggs, so you definitely want to clear those up as quickly as possible. 

Do Oriental Cockroaches Bite?

Officially, yes. Oriental cockroaches can bite. But it’s very, very rare. Cockroaches have really unsophisticated mouthparts, so they aren’t going to bite maliciously. If you do get bitten, it probably won’t be worse than a mosquito bite. If you do experience severe symptoms, including signs of an allergic reaction, consult your doctor. 

Just because you probably won’t get bitten doesn’t mean cockroaches are just nuisance pests. They can spread disease in other ways. Cockroach legs have little spines that pick up bacteria and parasites that then get left behind everywhere they walk. Cockroaches are known to spread E. coli and salmonella, both of which cause food poisoning, as well as dozens of other dangerous pathogens. So even though biting isn’t a big concern, you still don’t want these pests walking around your home. It’s important to seal up food into airtight containers and disinfect surfaces regularly if you suspect a cockroach infestation

Always Check Damp Areas For Oriental Roaches

Oriental cockroaches are sometimes called water bugs because they tend to gather near water. Any standing or pooled water in or around your home can attract these pests, including puddles from leaky pipes or rainwater buildup. These roaches can live up to a month without food, but only a few weeks without water, so they’ll typically make their homes by a water source. You can prevent an Oriental cockroach infestation by eliminating potential water sources in your home. Patching up leaks and repairing faulty drains can go a long way in preventing cockroach infestations. And if areas of your home are prone to dampness, you might consider a dehumidifier to take care of it. 

Pest Control For Pompano Beach Homes

Cockroaches are some of the hardest pests to kill. They can withstand a lot, and even live for weeks or months without food. Your best bet for getting rid of them is to call a professional for cockroach control services that work. Rather than waste time and money on DIY treatments that don’t get rid of the whole infestation, just call Great Southern Environmental Services. We’ll come to your home within 48 hours of your call to perform an inspection, then we’ll create a treatment plan that’s best for your needs. And if you ever need a repeat treatment, we’ll gladly continue our pest control services to make sure your home is roach-free. Call Great Southern Environmental Services today to learn more!