Pompano Beach Ant Spotlight: White-Footed Ants

Everyone has heard of ants before, and most people have dealt with them inside their homes. Ants in Pompano Beach are among the most common home-invading and property-invading pests. While some are more problematic than others, they can also be widespread and hard to eradicate.

Maybe you’ve heard of certain ant species, such as fire ants or carpenter ants, but some other ants in the area aren’t as well-known. One of these is the white-footed ant. These are highly prolific ants that pose specific challenges to eliminate. Find out more about the white-footed ant and how to get effective pest control in Pompano Beach.

White-Footed Ant Identification

It’s probably not that surprising, given their name, that white-footed ants have much lighter feet than the rest of their bodies. They are mainly dark brown or black across their bodies and can have yellow or white feet. These ants are relatively small and only get around an eighth of an inch long.

Because they’re small, it’s hard to tell them apart from other ants at first. But, if you can get closer, their lighter feet are a great indicator as very few other ants in the area have this coloration. Overall, however, the best way to tell if you have white-footed ants is to request an inspection of your property from the professionals at Great Southern Environmental Services.

The Spread Of The White-Footed Ant

White-footed ants are usually nocturnal as they mainly eat honeydew and nectar, but they also like many other kinds of sweets. They often invade homes in pursuit of sweet drinks and water. But, there is one strange thing about these ants. While they do forage, they don’t share their food with others in the colony. Instead, they lay trophic eggs, which serve as the primary food source for the larvae.

These ants are common in urban and rural areas, and they are often spread from place to place on nursery plants or shipping containers. Since they seek a mainly liquid diet, they prefer to create their colonies in humid areas. 

Best Ant Bait For A White-Footed Ant Infestation

The good thing about white-footed ants is that they don’t sting and don’t destroy property. So, while they aren’t as dangerous as fire ants or as destructive as carpenter ants, they are an incredibly invasive species. Their colonies can have up to three million individuals, and these nests have many reproductive ants; this is why they can spread so quickly.

There are ant baits and traps you can purchase at many stores, but it’s hard to recommend one specific product or another. White-footed ants in Pompano Beach can breed quickly and often create their colonies in tree trunks, wall voids, and roof shingles. These habits make finding and eradicating white-footed ants quite tricky.

The only truly effective way to remove an ant infestation from your Pompano Beach home is with help from the Pompano Beach pest control experts at Great Southern Environmental Services.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home 

If you don’t have these ants already, you can help deter them by removing yard debris like mulch and leaf litter and sealing up your house against them by installing weather stripping. But, if you are already dealing with these ants, the Great Southern Environmental Services technicians are here to help. We offer both prevention and removal services for any ant problem.

Call us today to get started with an inspection of your property and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Pompano Beach.