Pompano Beach Property Owners’ Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Rodents in our Pompano Beach service area accomplish something that many creatures do not. They are absolutely hated by so many and considered a plague on humanity and at the same time are adorable and make great pets. The question is, what is the difference between wild rodents and different types of pet rodents? We will be talking about this today and will provide you with five simple tips and tricks and a bonus strategy to keep rodents out of your Pompano Beach home

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation On Your Property

There are a few different kinds of rodents that invade homes here in Pompano Beach; all of them leave the same types of signs behind. After rodents break into your home, the first thing you might notice is property damage which can include holes in walls and boxes of food, gnaw marks on furniture, torn up insulation, paper and fabrics, and more.

Another thing you might notice is rustling late at night. Rodents are nocturnal creatures and do most of their scavenging, nest building, and breeding late at night. Finally, identify rodents by their fecal droppings and urine. The more these pests scavenge indoors, the more they will defecate and urinate. Look for these by-products in the back of pantries, cabinets, and near areas rodents are nesting.

The Danger & Damage Rodents Can Create

Small rodents are just as problematic as big rodents. The only difference between larger and smaller rodents is the size of their droppings and the strength of their teeth. Norway rats, for instance, are capable of chewing through materials like aluminum and soft concrete, while mice are limited to wood, plastic, and similar materials. When inside homes, rodents chew on things constantly to keep their continually growing teeth at a reasonable length. Over time, this type of behavior might lead to holes through walls, severed electrical wires, damaged pipes, and fixtures, chewed on furniture, and other noticeable damages.

Rodents are also incredibly dangerous. When indoors, rats, mice, and squirrels threaten homeowners with sickness. The three most common ways rodents get homeowners sick are through their fecal droppings and urine, the filth on their bodies, and the fleas, ticks, and mites they carry.

Five Simple, Yet Effective Rodent Prevention Tips

  1. Thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. Repair damage to window and door screens, install weatherstripping and door sweeps around windows and doors that need it, and fill in holes, gaps, and cracks using caulk and some steel wool.
  2. Address moisture problems in and around your home. Some ways to do this include cleaning out your gutters, fixing leaky pipes, and eliminating sources of water buildup.
  3. Store all of your leftover food as well as pet food and pantry items inside airtight plastic, glass, or metal containers.
  4. Make sure all of your trash cans are clean and have tight-fitting lids.
  5. Keep your living areas tidy and clean. We highly recommend doing a thorough cleaning at least once a week.

Call The Pros For The Best Rodent Control For Your Property

If you suspect there are rodents in your walls or ceilings, your best option to get these pests out fast is by hiring a professional. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we offer quick and effective control options to handle any and all pest threats causing trouble in and around your home. All of our residential and commercial pest control services are designed to fit our clients’ individual needs and are performed by our team of highly trained and friendly technicians.

Contact us today if you have any unanswered questions about wild rodents, and schedule your Pompano Beach home for an inspection.