Why Are Mosquitoes So Drawn To My Boca Raton Home?

Due to its warm and sunny weather, Florida is one of the worst states for mosquitoes. This nuisance pest, both indoors and outdoors, can quickly ruin anything from a gathering in the backyard to an entire night’s sleep, can cause painful bites, and can transmit serious diseases. For these reasons, it is essential to learn how to control them.

If your house or apartment has been invaded by mosquitoes, now is the time to learn why and how, understand what is attracting them to your property, and find out how you can keep them away for good. If you are struggling with a mosquito infestation, Great Southern Environmental Services provides pest control in Boca Raton you can rely on to eliminate it safely and effectively.

Can Mosquitoes Infest My House Or Apartment?

Mosquitoes are an equal opportunity invader that can take over any house or apartment as long as they provide what they are looking for, like a place to lay their eggs and a feeding source of blood. Mosquitoes are not just a pest that will reproduce and multiply outdoors. They can start an infestation inside your home. Read on to learn how to keep mosquitoes out of your house effectively.

How Do Apartments And Houses Get Infested With Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can infest houses and apartments for many reasons, including the following:

  • Windows And Doors: If you regularly open your windows and doors unfitted with fine-mesh screens, they make the perfect entry points for mosquitoes.
  • Stagnant Water: If you have a stagnant water source in your home, mosquitoes will be attracted to it and use it as a breeding ground.
  • Shelter: Your home might provide adequate shelter for mosquitoes seeking to escape the wind and other weather conditions.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. If they can sense it coming out of your home, they will try to find a way to get inside.

If mosquitoes in Boca Raton have infested your home, it is time to learn some of the best ways to repel mosquitoes and keep them out of your property.

What Is Attracting Mosquitoes To My House?

It is important to learn what attracts mosquitoes to eliminate them. Mosquitoes are attracted to three main factors:

  • Food: Mosquitoes need to feed on blood to survive. By wearing long sleeves and pants and generally trying to cover as much skin as possible, you can prevent mosquitoes from biting. 
  • Water: Because mosquitoes need water to breed, they will be attracted to water fixtures such as bird baths, water fountains, and even leaks. By fixing leaks and using water aerators, you can keep mosquitoes from breeding in your home.
  • Shelter: Mosquitoes are cold-blooded and need a warm environment to survive. If the weather outside is cold and windy, they will be attracted to your home for warmth and shelter.

If you are struggling with a mosquito problem, contact us today. The experts at Great Southern Environmental Services can help you get rid of the infestation safely and effectively.

How Can I Keep Mosquitoes Out Of My House?

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to combine basic prevention like keeping windows and doors closed and eliminating stagnant water sources with help from professional pest control experts. After inspecting your property, our licensed technicians will recommend a plan to eliminate mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle and prevent them from coming back. We have the knowledge needed to find a solution that fits your needs, from natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes to safe and effective chemical treatments.

Keeping mosquitoes out of your home will often require basic prevention methods and professional treatments. Getting rid of an infestation can be overwhelming, but you can get rid of it with the proper strategy.