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Pest Control in Boynton Beach, FL

Located along Florida’s densely populated southeast coast, Boynton Beach is a sunny Palm Beach County resort community. But as with all tropical climates and areas with lots of human activity, pest concerns are real for local property owners. This is why Boynton Beach residents and business owners must worry about pest control before an infestation can rear its ugly head. That means being proactive and preventative, which can only be achieved through help from pest control experts. Learn how Great Southern Environmental Services can assist you today. 

Residential Pest Control In Boynton Beach

Keeping pests out of your home is a constant struggle. This is probably why so many people tend to just let residential pest control fall by the wayside until an infestation presents itself. But the problem with waiting until the last minute is that pest populations become drastically harder to eliminate the longer they have to hunker down on a property. This is why Boynton Beach homeowners should turn directly to professionals who can make sure the problem isn’t growing without you noticing it. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we help you in three simple steps: 

  • Inspection: To gauge your level of need, we need to check your property thoroughly, both inside and out. We look for where pest activity is concentrated, where they might be nesting, and what factors attract them. 
  • Treatment: This helps us develop a residential pest control plan that meets the needs of your property. Our treatments can eliminate existing populations and prevent future ones. 
  • Follow-Up: We constantly check back with you a little while after our initial service visit, making sure our treatments are working and that no new problems arise. 

Contact Great Southern Environmental Services today for home pest control that you can count on. 

Commercial Pest Control In Boynton Beach

While pest control is often low on the list of business owners’ priorities, that doesn’t mean infestations can’t hurt local businesses. The consequences for commercial properties can be dire, significantly because pests’ cause can hurt the other aspects of your daily operations. All of these reasons highlight why it’s wise for local property owners to get started on professional commercial pest control today:

  • Damage: Pests can damage a property’s serious cosmetic and structural damage, leading to added costs and unattractive appearances. 
  • Disease: Pests can also carry diseases and lead to other health concerns. This is why local public health boards routinely check for pests in so many kinds of businesses. 
  • Profits: All of this can lead to hurt profits since you’re spending more money trying to address the problem than you would have spent in preventing it in the first place. 

Don’t let these consequences strike your Boynton Beach business; turn to Great Southern Environmental Services today to start overall commercial pest control. 

Three Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Boynton Beach

Keeping ants off of your property can seem like a lost cause. The insects are so common and so good at infiltrating homes and businesses that it’s no wonder so many people get flustered when it comes to ant control. But this is why early prevention is so crucial. If you aren’t addressing the factors that draw pests like ants to your property early, then you’re not giving yourself a fighting chance. Here are some of the factors you should pay mind to around your Boynton Beach property: 

  • Attractants: Things like food and moisture attract all kinds of pests, especially ants drawn to the chemical smells of food and water. Deep clean regularly, store food in secure packaging and locations and quickly address leaks or poor ventilation. 
  • Access Points: Ants also get inside because they can take advantage of tight spaces to get inside. Common access points include gaps below doors, cracks or holes in walls, and tears in window screens.
  • Treatments: The only guaranteed way to keep tiny critters out of your home is to partner with pest control experts who can treat your entire property. Professional treatments don’t just eliminate existing problems, they protect against future ones, too. 

Get started on ant control that works by contacting Great Southern Environmental Services today. 

Getting Your Boynton Beach Home Ready For Termite Season

Most people know that termites are some of the most serious and dangerous pests to hit a home. But not many think about how termite infestations start in the first place or how different pests are active at different times of the year. This is why everyone should learn about termite season and what it means for their property. Termite season is the time of the year – typically in spring or early summer – when termite swarmers, also called alates, emerge from their winter hideouts and seek out their own place to start a colony. They target properties with lots of easy wood to target, particularly areas with lots of woody plants or debris lying around. This is why proper landscaping and careful attention to planning can go a long way in your yard. It doesn’t just keep your property looking pretty, it helps prevent serious pest infestations. But the best way to make sure termites aren’t forming in your yard is to have professionals inspect your property thoroughly. At Great Southern Environmental Services, our technicians can carefully check for termite activity and even treat your property with solutions that prevent infestations from forming in the first place. Contact us today to get started on protecting your home ahead of termite season. 

How Fumigation Keeps Boynton Beach Homes Pest-Free

Fumigation is a highly effective form of pest removal that may be key in keeping your Boynton Beach home free from pests. This process is able to reach all of the nooks and crannies of your property in ways that spot treatments can’t, often making fumigation more effective. 

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide fumigation services as a means of eliminating several types of stubborn pest invasions, such as termites, bed bugs, and fleas. In order to determine if fumigation is the right course of action for your home, we must begin with a detailed home inspection. If we find any of the aforementioned pests or German cockroaches, we may recommend it. We will provide you with a preparation sheet, and then we’ll get to work and request that you vacate the premises for three days. We’ll tent your home during this time to use our airborne treatment. It even comes with a one-year warranty for your continued safety! For more information on dealing with invasive pest problems, please call us today. 

Professional Lawn Care Keeps Your Boynton Beach Lawn Looking Green

While taking care of your Boynton Beach lawn might seem like a task that you can complete on your own, there’s no replacement for professional services. With the amount of rain that you can expect to encounter during hurricane season, pest invasions, and other issues such as diseases, keeping your lawn in top condition is not as easy as you might think. 

Instead of leaving the well-being of your lawn to chance or spending fruitless hours trying to maintain it, consider working with a lawn professional. Someone who has been specially trained to deliver lawn services will have the highest quality products and methods at their disposal and can monitor for potential issues, saving you time and strife while also adding to your curb appeal. 

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we help keep your Boynton Beach lawn looking good throughout the year. We are a family-owned business that has more than 20 years of experience serving our neighbors with great pride. Our lawn solutions are always customized to your needs, which we determine by way of a thorough assessment with each visit. From there, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods as well as make granular and liquid applications to address fungi, weeds, and bugs. We then continue to monitor the results and provide routine treatments on your schedule. For more information on lawn care for your yard, please call us today. 

How To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Boynton Beach Property

When you live in Boynton Beach, mosquitoes are a routine part of the time that you spend outdoors. Due to warm and humid conditions, mosquitoes can be active in the area throughout the year; however, the majority of their work takes place from spring through fall. In order to limit your exposure to them, try these tips:

  • Tend to water sources. Mosquitoes prefer standing water as a place to lay their eggs, so turn over any bird baths or kiddie pools on a regular basis and make sure that flower pots and other areas don’t collect water. 
  • Address human factors. When you spend time outdoors, aim to consume less alcohol, wear light-colored clothes, avoid using scented products, and apply an EPA-approved topical. 
  • Tend to the yard. You can also clear away any hedge trimmings or leaf piles to further deter mosquitoes. This will reduce the number of hiding spaces that they’ll have. Additionally, you may plant citronella, lavender, and other plants that contain naturally repelling properties. 
  • Work with a professional. The most effective way to keep mosquitoes off of your property is to enlist the services of a professional pest control company for routine treatments during peak mosquito season. 

For reliable mosquito prevention, call Great Southern Environmental Services today. 

What To Do If Rodents Find Your Boynton Beach Home

Rodents are on the lookout for a quiet place to live and some sustenance, all of which you likely provide already in your Boynton Beach home. They can sneak through very small openings around your property and they can even take advantage of overhanging trees and enter through gaps around the windows of your top floors. These pests are not likely to go away on their own and can even be dangerous, which is why the best thing to do in this situation is to call Great Southern Environmental Services. For more than two decades, we have been providing exceptional service that our neighbors can trust, and eliminating rodents is no exception. 

As a company that has an entomologist on staff, we work to understand pest behavior at its core. Our services are guided by Integrated Pest Management guidelines, so we aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible while creating long-lasting results. These standards ensure that we focus on mechanical changes and use our top-shelf products only when necessary. We work from the root cause and also provide you with the information that you need to reduce rodent attraction between visits. For more information on rodent control, call us today. 

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