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Expert Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The bustling waterfront city of Fort Lauderdale is one of Florida’s most desirable locales for year-round residents and seasonal visitors. In addition to its famous beaches and marinas, Fort Lauderdale is also a cultural hub of southern Florida with art museums and performing arts centers. With a yearly climate that is warm and humid, pest infestations are never too far off.

Since 2001, our team at Great Southern Environmental Services has been bringing local homeowners and businesses expert Broward County pest control. We are experts in pest entomology and the area we service, which makes us uniquely qualified to treat your property. As a family-owned, family-operated business, we take pride in what we do. This means that we will always work to exceed your expectations, offer 100% free estimates, and uphold the most rigorous safety standards. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to build long-term results that you can trust. For more information on our services, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we believe in the importance of keeping homes safe and free from the harms that pest problems bring. We have been providing top-notch pest control since 2001 and our team has a combined 50 years of experience. Everything that we do is in service of preserving your safety. During our initial inspection of your home, we’ll discuss your concerns and assess even the most hard-to-reach areas. Some of the treatments that we use include bath traps, powder puffers, and outside perimeter sprays. In addition to the high-quality services that you’ll receive, our technicians will also work on education and preventive measures that you can take in order to reduce pest attraction. Combined with our treatments, your home can be free from pests no matter the time of year. For more information on the benefits of residential pest control, give us a call today. 

Commercial Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale

Pest problems can be highly detrimental to your Fort Lauderdale business, which is why at Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide scientific, responsible, and responsive pest control solutions. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our local technicians are experts in their field. We follow strict Integrated Pest Management protocols in order to customize treatments to your specific needs while also creating long-lasting pest-free results.

Our process begins with a detailed property inspection and conversation about any pest activity that you’ve noticed. Some of the treatments that we implement include snap traps, de-webbing, and perimeter applications. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we value transparency more than anything else, which is why we’ll never try to sell you on products or services that you don’t need. The targeted and safe services that you receive will work around the clock to keep pests off of your property; we guarantee it. To learn more about our commercial pest control offerings, please call us today.

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Fort Lauderdale Property Owners

Rodents are one of the most formidable pests for Fort Lauderdale property owners because they’ll do anything in order to find safe shelter and sustenance and they possess other crafty traits like being nocturnal. Here are a few key tips for effectively controlling rodents:

  • Check for small openings around the foundation and fill them with materials like steel wool, liquid foam, and caulk. Insert door sweeps in loose doors as well. 
  • Be cognizant of the way that food is stored by always using airtight containers and avoid leaving anything out that’s uncovered. 
  • Take out the trash on a regular basis and make sure that both indoor and outdoor garbage is stored in a secure bin. 
  • Rectify leaks and keep crawl spaces well ventilated. Use a dehumidifier in places like closets as well.
  • Contact a pest control specialist. 

For more information on year-round rodent control, contact Great Southern Environmental Services today. 


Three Easy Termite Prevention Tips For Fort Lauderdale Property Owners

Termites cost property owners across the country around $5 billion in damage each year and Fort Lauderdale properties are no different. Here are three easy tips to avoid infestations:

  1. Be serious about water. The Fort Lauderdale area is home to significant amounts of water and humidity, both of which are largely responsible for attracting termites. Be sure to check for leaks and water damage on a routine basis and fix any issues. 
  2. Avoid wood-to-foundation contact. Another key way that termites are lured to properties is because of wood. To limit their attraction, maintain at least 18 inches of barrier between mulch and foundations and clear land of all brush. 
  3. Seek professional help. Termites are one of the easiest pests to attract to a property but they don’t have to be. With professional monitoring and treatments, avoiding the effects of termite damage is possible. 

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide comprehensive termite solutions that include inspections, liquid treatments, fumigation, and pre-construction treatments. For more information on termite prevention, call us today. 

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