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With some of the most picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Worth is a highly desirable community for year-round and seasonal residents. The city is home to golf courses, parks, beaches, bars, eclectic restaurants, and alluring art galleries, so there is no shortage of activities. Given the area’s warm climate and significant amount of humidity, pest problems are a routine occurrence for locals.

For more than two decades, the team at Great Southern Environmental Services has been bringing Lake Worth property owners a wide variety of expert pest control services. We believe in offering services that will better our community, which is why we customize treatment plans for all of our customers using Integrated Pest Management. This is the industry’s gold standard and means that our qualified technicians will work to create long-term solutions to keep pests away from your property. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we believe that it’s the small things that make a big difference you can see. For more information on Palm Beach County pest control, contact us today.  

Residential Pest Control in Lake Worth

The threat of pests is real for Lake Worth homeowners, which is why at Great Southern Environmental Services, we make your safety our top priority. Our expert technicians work with you to understand your pest control needs and concerns, and will develop a course of action that is unique to your home. We treat both the inside and outside of your home during your initial visit, and with bi-monthly maintenance, we’ll be able to monitor the success of these services. These visits are designed to be swift and minimally invasive so that you no longer have to waste time dealing with pests. To learn more about how residential pest control can protect your home, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control in Lake Worth

At Great Southern Environmental Services, it’s our mission to keep your business free from pests and all of the hassles that come with them. As a locally-owned business, we genuinely care about the issues that you face and that’s why we constantly strive to provide the best services to address them. Honesty and transparency are behind everything that we do, so when you entrust your business to us, we’ll never try to push services that you don’t need. The work that we do will address your needs and wants with research-driven methods and an emphasis on Integrated Pest Management. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Rat Or Mouse: Which Is Worse To Have In Your Lake Worth Home?

When either rats or mice invade your Lake Worth home, both have the significant possibility of causing a lot of trouble. These pests are part of the rodent family, which means that the issues they cause are very similar. For example, both rats and mice are often hosts to parasites like fleas and they both have front teeth that can overgrow, which causes them to chew on everything. Both can squeeze through very small openings; however, rats are also known to scale roofs and use the sewer systems in order to enter homes. Mice are also able to reproduce twice as much as rats are in a given year, which could make their infestations larger. But both rats and mice are also linked with the spread of similar health hazards like salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia. 

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we take a safe approach to handling both rats and mice. By following the principles of Integrated Pest Management, we work to both eliminate and prevent rodent populations from your home. Our methods include sealing up entry points, setting bait stations, and routine maintenance. To keep your home safe, contact us for rat and mice control today. 

All The Ways You Attract Ants To Your Lake Worth Home

As the most common nuisance pest in Lake Worth, ants can become an issue in your home very easily. Here are some of the ways that you may be attracting them without even realizing it:

  • Forgetting to clean out jars and cans before recycling them
  • Allowing faucets and pipes to drip
  • Having cracks and crevices around your foundation
  • Not properly covering leftovers
  • Letting garbage pile up inside your home
  • Spilling soaps and shampoos and forgetting to clean them up
  • Leaving the windows open and having a lack of functioning screens

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we know how insistent ants can be and we also know how hard they can be to prevent and exterminate. This is precisely why we include ants in our ongoing residential pest control services. With detailed treatments both inside and outside of your home, we’ll be able to create a barrier that keeps ants out. To learn more about ant prevention, contact us today. 

How Do Professional Fumigation Services In Lake Worth Work?

Some pests get so deeply embedded into our homes and businesses that traditional treatment methods won’t actually eliminate the population, leaving the problem to grow and continue to cause damage. For these kinds of infestations, fumigation is the most effective solution. 

Many people fear the word, thinking it means filling their homes with harmful smoke that will make bad smells linger long after the treatment. But here at Great Southern Environmental Services, we use leading fumigation that impacts the pests we’re targeting, not your home or health. 

Plus, the ability to fully and efficiently address your pest problem — especially if it’s a destructive pest variety like termites — is too important not to look into further. If you’re looking for a fumigation company in Lake Worth, look no further than Great Southern Environmental Services. Contact us today to learn more and see if fumigation is right for your home.

Tips To Keep Your Lake Worth Yard Looking Green

Pests can invade yards and damage our trees, shrubs, and lawns. In humid climates like Coastal Florida, lawn pests are common and pervasive. This is why you need to partner with lawn care professionals who can keep destructive pests away and protect the health of your yard. 

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we don’t just treat the interior and exterior of your home. We also address your yard and property perimeter to create an effective shield around your entire property. Our trained experts can provide a thorough inspection of your yard that identifies pest harborage points and factors that might be putting you at a greater risk of infestation. 

Once we’ve identified the scope of the problem, we implement whatever treatment plan is right for your property. This customized approach ensures you’re only paying for what you need, and that the right protections are put in place for your yard. Whether pests are already a problem or you just want to get started on overall prevention, our lawn pest control measures are effective and affordable. 

Contact Great Southern Environmental Services today to get started on total yard protection.

How Can I Tell If My Lake Worth Home Has Termites?

Given that many homeowners have been scared by photos of serious termite damage, most people assume they would know right away if they had a termite infestation. But the truth is that termite problems can grow for a long time in your yard or within your walls without you even realizing it. Unless you know what to look for, that is. 

Here are some of the key signs of termites and reasons why you should trust professionals to properly inspect your property and protect it against infestations: 

  • Yard signs: Subterranean termites form mounds or tunnels in yards as a way of growing their elaborate colony networks. Unless you know what to look for, these early access points can easily be overlooked. 
  • Wood damage: Termite damage isn’t usually obvious until a colony has been chewing through the wood for a while. If you notice household wooden materials that are warped or buckling, this is a pretty clear indication of extensive termite damage. Wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it can also be a sign that termites are hard at work within.

Because the signs can be so subtle, you really need to turn to professionals for a thorough inspection of your property. Only trained experts can clear your home of termite problems. Contact Great Southern Environmental Services today to get started on termite treatments in Lake Worth that ensures your property is never damaged by wood-boring insects.

Why Many Lake Worth Homes Are At Risk For Termites

Termites are drawn to sources of wood that their colonies can chew through, which is why so many properties are at immediate risk of termites. Most homes are made of wood, after all, and our yards contain trees or shrubs that are equally attractive to these ravenous pests. 

This is why you need to take termite control seriously by contacting the pros for comprehensive inspections and treatments of your Lake Worth property. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we study termites and the factors that attract them to human homes. Our thorough understanding of their colonies and behavior ensures that we know how to fully eliminate a termite population and spot the earliest signs of an infestation. 

If you need termite treatments in Lake Worth or if you want to get started on inspections and preventive measures that ensure termites never form in the first place, turn to Great Southern Environmental Services. No local pest company has the depth of knowledge that we do in how to properly identify and address termite problems. Contact us today or visit us online to get started protecting your home from these destructive pests.

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