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Pest Control In Lantana, FL

Living in Florida where the temperatures rarely get to freezing, the sun shines more often than not, and the beaches are covered in white sand is a dream for most people. Lantana residents know all the benefits of living in the “Sunshine State.” However, they also know the drawbacks of living in paradise.

Pests thrive in climates where the temperatures are mostly warm, and pest control in Lantana is a high priority because of its location. The water, vegetation, and warmth attract a variety of pests year-round, and local properties provide ample opportunities for pests to find food and shelter.

For more than two decades, Great Southern Environmental Services has provided pest control solutions to the residents of Lantana and the rest of Palm Beach County. Our business is family-owned and operated, even including our staff entomologist. She has extensively studied common house pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, and termites, and specializes in mosquitoes.

If you are dealing with the pest population in Lantana and the surrounding areas, contact Great Southern Environmental Services and let our family make your family pest-free. We have a 24 to 48-hour response time, so we won’t keep you waiting.

Residential Pest Control In Lantana

Keeping pests from ruining the tranquility of your home is essential to every Lantana resident. Pests can damage your property, introduce health risks, and steal your peace of mind. When it comes to residential areas, you want to keep the inside and outside pests to a minimum.

Home and garden pest control is at the heart of what we do at Great Southern Environmental Services. For our first visit, we offer an initial inspection that starts where you have seen pests and then branches out to cover the outside perimeter looking for entry points and the interior looking for nests, pests, and pest signs.

We offer garden pest prevention and protection so you can enjoy your property inside and outside the house. We also have other lawn and garden services to help keep your lawn and garden healthy. Contact Great Southern Environmental Services as soon as you see signs of pests. Let our technicians identify, treat, and eliminate your pest problems with our effective residential pest control services in Lantana.

Commercial Pest Control In Lantana

To ensure that pests are not affecting the employees, customers, or facilities at your Lantana business location, Great Southern Environmental Services uses proven methods of protection and prevention to offer effective results for your commercial property. Residential and commercial pest control services are slightly different, but both types of pest control focus on common pests.

We work with businesses in a variety of industries, and we know that every commercial property is different. Our services will always focus on what your business needs, so you know that your treatment plan is custom-tailored to your exact situation. We recommend follow-up visits on a monthly or bimonthly basis so you can rest assured that your business is protected year-round. Reach out today to get started on our commercial pest control services in Lantana.

How Can You Control Mosquito Populations On Your Lantana Property?

Florida residents understand that their state has a high number of mosquitoes, as these insects love the water and the vegetation near the water. Residents, however, do not love dealing with biting insects whenever they want to go outside.

Things that help prevent mosquitoes:

  • Trim vegetation to reduce places for them to hide.
  • Clear away debris piles or piles of limbs and leaves.
  • Mow your lawn short and keep it trimmed.
  • Remove any standing water. 
  • Plant mosquito-repelling bushes and plants like the citronella plant. 
  • Do not go outside right before dusk or dawn.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes and reduce their population is to call us and let our experienced technicians treat your yard and garden. We can make a big difference in how many mosquitoes call your yard home. Our technicians can also help you find prevention methods that will help you stop the mosquitoes from wanting to hang around.

Call Great Southern Environmental Services today if mosquitoes make it impossible to go outside and enjoy your property. Our mosquito control services will get you back to enjoying your lawn without worrying about pesky mosquito bites.

The Effective Bee Removal Solution For Your Lantana Yard

Bees are excellent pollinators that keep our flowers and other green things growing. If bees establish nests on your property, they can become a nuisance and even be dangerous. Pest control for bees requires the bees to be removed, but removing bees will almost certainly lead to bee stings if you are inexperienced and untrained in proper removal methods.

Several bee species are found in Florida. Most bees will not sting you unless they feel threatened, but if you are trying to move their nests or when they are in large numbers, they can attack. Some people have allergic reactions that cause a bee sting to be a medical emergency. Some bee stings can make even people who are not allergic to the stings have to seek medical treatment.

If you see many bees on your property or find a bee nest, call Great Southern Environmental Services and let us take care of the problem safely and effectively. We have the experience to deal with the situation and keep you and your family from stinging insects like bees.

How Fumigation Takes The Stress Out Of Pest Treatment In Lantana

Some Lantana pests can be difficult to remove, causing stress and presenting health risks to residents. Termites and bed bugs are among the most troublesome intruders because they hide in hard-to-see and reach spaces in your building. Removing the creatures is a frustrating and stressful challenge, even if you know where they’re hiding.

Fumigation is often considered a last resort, but it can be the best option in some situations. This pest treatment method can reach spaces other treatments can’t and quickly eliminate the problem, preventing damage and health concerns. Some of the benefits of fumigation include:

  • Eliminate hidden pests.
  • Remove pests quickly.
  • Complete pest removal in one treatment.
  • Protect your home long-term.

Fumigation involves intensive labor and expertise, so you should call the experts to fumigate your home. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we design our fumigation services to eliminate all pests in your house. After completing the three-day process, we’ll take precautions to ensure your residence is safe to enter, including venting and taking readings for your protection.

Some pests are more challenging to remove from your home than others, and fumigation can help. Call us to find out if fumigating your home is the best option for your pest problem.

The Secret To A Long-Lived, Healthy Lantana Yard

The health of your yard is essential for your Lantana property. It’s something you can be proud of and can improve your home’s curb appeal, increasing its property value. Mowing and watering your lawn can help your grass grow healthy and strong, but this is only one part of proper lawn care.

Unfortunately, your lawn faces factors that can threaten its health. They can spread when left untreated, causing ugly brown spots by killing your grass. Some of the most significant threats to Lantana yards include:

  • Lawn pests
  • Weeds
  • Fungus
  • Disease

Great Southern Environmental Services technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to keep your yard healthy. We train our team to work with all types of grass and can educate you on proper watering. We use liquid and granular fertilizers to eliminate weeds, fungus, and bugs, ensuring your grass has the best chance at healthy growth.

A healthy yard provides residents with a beautiful and valuable property, but some threats make quality lawn care difficult. Contact us for the best lawn care services in Lantana.

Why Every Lantana Home Needs Professional Termite Protection

Termites are some of the most feared pests around Lantana homes. They live underground and build mud tunnels to reach buildings. Their tiny sizes enable them to fit through cracks and crevices in your exterior to access your house. They also feed primarily on wood, making them a threat to your structure.

Since termites remain hidden, they’re less likely to concern homeowners than those commonly seen in buildings. However, their ability to stay in your home unnoticed enables them to cause significant problems. They can damage wood structures, impacting the integrity of your house, and some species can chew through electric and telephone cable insulation coverings, potentially causing power outages.

Our Great Southern Environmental Services technicians can find and remove these pests to protect your home. We treat the insects with a liquid product and spray bare wood to prevent infestations. We can provide termite fumigation for more severe infestations and include a one-year warranty for your whole house.

Termites can be devastating pests when they find a quality hiding spot in your home. Give us a call to protect your Lantana house from termites.

Lantana Homeowner's Guide To Rodent Prevention

Lantana’s year-round warm weather makes it the ideal place for rodents. Some damage yards when they invade properties, and others invade homes. Rats and mice are the biggest concern for homeowners because they’ll get inside your house, causing damage and spreading illnesses.

Rats and mice can fit through tiny entry points and remain hidden in structures. They begin causing problems shortly after invading, so preventing their entry is the best way to protect your house. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep these rodents out of your home, such as:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in your exterior.
  • Keep your food in rodent-proof containers.
  • Remove garbage from your home frequently.
  • Cut shrubs and tree branches back from your house.

When these pests invade your home, your best option is to call professional rodent control in Lantana. At Great Southern Environmental Services, our technicians will inspect the inside and outside of your home for signs of rodent activity, potential entry points, and attractants. We’ll remove the pests and secure your home to prevent future problems.

After our initial service, we can return bimonthly to ensure your property is safe from rodents and other pests. Let us know if you need to remove rodents from your Lantana home.

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