Lawn Solutions in Pompano Beach, FL & Surrounding Areas

Great Southern Environmental Services Inc. received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews.

Your Home in Pompano Beach Deserves a Health Lawn

Your home is an investment you should always protect, and in our Pompano Beach service area, that means maintaining a healthy lawn. Here at Great Southern Environmental Services, we know the challenges of keeping your lawn lush and green all year long. That’s why we developed a customizable lawn care program to address your property’s unique needs. Call today for a free inspection!

Our Pompano Beach Lawn Care Process

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we believe in providing quality care for your lawn, and we are fully trained to care for all common types of grass in Florida. Our four-step Pompano Beach lawn care program follows the following process:


In order to gain a better understanding of your lawn care needs, we begin every lawn treatment with a free inspection. Proper lawn care in Pompano Beach is largely dependent on several factors: Knowledge of lawn ornamentals, time of year, and type of grass. Performing an inspection allows our team to familiarize itself with the unique characteristics of your lawn so we can craft the best treatment plan available.


Once we’ve analyzed the properties of your lawn, it’s time to get to work! Our expert lawn technicians take an Integrated Pest Management approach to keep your lawn and plants healthy and pest-free. This proactive approach stops local pests in their tracks before they can cause severe damage to your plants and lawn. Our two treatment options include liquid and granular fertilizers, targeting the following lawn pests: bugs, fungi, and weeds.


After our treatment is complete, we will monitor your lawn for any additional pest activity.


If pests return to cause trouble, we will also return to re-treat as needed. We also educate our customers on proper sunlight and watering techniques.

Maintain a Green Lawn for your Home

Outdoor living is just a way of life in Pompano Beach, Florida. When you’re a homeowner in our area, you want a home and lawn you can be proud of. With the help of Great Southern Environmental Services, you can rest assured that a green, healthy lawn will be your way of life! To learn more about our residential and commercial pest management plans in Pompano Beach, contact us today!

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Great Southern Environmental Services Inc. received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews.