Lighthouse Point, FL Pest Control

Lighthouse Point, FL Pest Control​

The community of Lighthouse Point is known for the excellent amenities it offers residents, fantastic schools, and pleasant weather virtually all year round. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings out pests looking for places to hide out and feed around your Lighthouse Point home or business; this is where Broward County pest control is necessary to help protect your property.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, our technicians take your pest issues seriously. We aim to provide reliable and efficient pest control solutions that are expertly customized to your property, while offering excellent customer service. When you trust us to take care of your pest problems, we offer assurance that you will receive only the highest quality pest control treatment options for your Lighthouse Point home or business.

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Residential Pest Control in Lighthouse Point

Your home should be your safe space, and pest infestations around your Lighthouse Point residence can seriously interfere with your ability to enjoy your daily life. These infestations also present health risks for those in your home and can destroy your property. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we work to protect your home and keep pests out before these problems happen.

Our technicians know how important it is to keep your home safe from pests and pride ourselves on our comprehensive, in-depth approach to residential pest control and removal around your property. With insights from our staff entomologist and scientific integrations, you can rest assured that we’ll keep you safe from all pests in Lighthouse Point.

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Commercial Pest Control in Lighthouse Point

As you work to keep your commercial property operating as smoothly as possible and your business reputation in the Lighthouse Point community, the last thing you want to worry about is pest invasion issues. Our technicians at Great Southern Environmental Services are prepared to work with you to remove your pest issues quickly before they can cause serious damage to your business or create health issues among your customers and employees.

Our commercial pest control plans start with a careful inspection of your property to narrow down your major pest problem areas. We use the information we gather during this inspection to develop customized treatment solutions for your property, allowing us to provide you with the most effective pest control possible.

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What Should I Do If I Think I Have Termites In Lighthouse Point?

Termites can be one of the most troublesome pests to encounter around Lighthouse Point due to the damage they can cause when tunneling through the wooden structures of your property. You can look for a few warning signs of termites, including seeing discarded swarmer wings around your windows and doors, visual wood damage, pinpoint holes in drywall, or mud tubes crossing from the outside to the inside of your property.

If you suspect that you have termites invading your Lighthouse Point property, your first step should be to contact our termite control technicians at Great Southern Environmental Services. With our in-depth inspections, we will be able to identify the source of your termite issues, develop tailored treatments that meet your property’s needs, and efficiently eradicate your termite problems. In no time at all, your termite issues can be taken care of, and your Lighthouse Property will be safe from the many damages that this pest can cause.

Four Simple & Effective Mosquito Control Tips For Lighthouse Point Properties

Mosquitoes are almost always out in full force around Lighthouse Point, thanks to the warm weather and favorable conditions. If you want to step outside of your property without being attacked by this buzzing, biting pest, you can follow these four simple and effective mosquito prevention tips below:

  1. Remove standing water from around your property – even an inch of water can serve as a breeding ground for this pest.
  2. Cut back overgrown foliage, trim down long grass, and remove outdoor debris to reduce shady mosquito hiding spots.
  3. Plant citronella, lemongrass, and marigolds around your property as the aroma of these plants will deter mosquitoes from stopping by.
  4. Treat any water features on your property, such as bird baths or ponds, to kill mosquito eggs.

If you are still fighting with large populations of mosquitoes around your property, you should contact our technicians at Great Southern Environmental Services for assistance in defeating and controlling this pest. 

Fumigation Services

Nothing eliminates pests more comprehensively than fumigation. Fumigation is efficient and time-saving, controlling pests at all life stages while reaching into the nooks and crannies that humans simply can’t access. If you’re ready for total pest elimination for your Lighthouse Point home, contact Great Southern Environmental Services today and ask us about fumigation services in Lighthouse Point!


Effective Lawn Solutions For Lighthouse Point Homes

Ongoing lawn care and maintenance shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. But for busy homeowners in Lighthouse Point, finding a trustworthy contractor can be a gigantic challenge. You can’t trust just anyone to address your landscape’s needs, and you don’t want to pay inflated prices or receive impersonal customer service.

As local residents and homeowners ourselves, the team at Great Southern Environmental Services sought to make a better lawn care service for the members of our community. Today, we provide big-time service with a small-town feel – always below your budget and above your expectations.

Our lawn care solutions make it easy for you to ensure a beautiful yard without sacrificing another weekend. We command an extensive knowledge of local grasses, weeds, and ornamental species so we can design a treatment plan specific to your yard. 

You can learn more about lawn care services in Lighthouse Point by contacting Great Southern Environmental Services today. Once you explain the services you need, we can provide a free estimate so you know what to expect.


Why Ants Are A Common Occurrence For Lighthouse Point Homeowners

If there’s one pest we can’t stand in Lighthouse Point, it’s the ever-present ant. These insects are a massive nuisance to anyone hosting an outdoor party. They’re also a significant problem once they get inside your home since they can contaminate food, hollow out wood, or even spread disease (depending on the species).

Unfortunately, ant infestations aren’t uncommon here in Lighthouse Point. Not only is our humid climate perfect for these pests, but mild winters and an abundance of food make life easy for these unwanted insects.

Even the tiniest cracks and gaps can let ants into your home. Since species like the pavement ant are just 1/8 of an inch in length, even a hairline fracture around your window could let entire colonies pour into your kitchen.

Unsealed garbage and spilled foods and drinks can also become a potential attractant factor. If you regularly host outdoor events and miss a few crumbs, you could be leading ants straight to your backyard.

As you can see, attracting ants to Lighthouse Point is a lot easier than getting rid of them. Thankfully, the professional team at Great Southern Environmental Services can help you make short work of unwanted infestations. We know just how to get rid of ants in Lighthouse Point – and you can call us today to find out how.

Five Ways Rodents Get Into Lighthouse Point Homes

Fewer pests pose as many problems as rats and mice. Right now, there are thousands of rodents strolling the streets of Lighthouse Point, at least one of which has considered trying to break into your home. 

It gets worse when you think about the success rate of rodent infestations in our area. As long as your home has an opening the size of a dime, rodents can get into your house and make themselves right at home.

But how exactly are they getting inside? And how do you stop this from happening?

Here are five ways rodents in Lighthouse Point may be getting inside your home:

  1. Through the window: Gaps in your weatherstripping, missing screens, and open windows could let rodents inside.

  2. Through the wall: Rodents won’t hesitate to chew a hole through your drywall to access food, water, or shelter.

  3. Down your chimney: If you have a chimney without a cap, rodents can hop through the opening and get inside.

  4. Cracks in foundations: Even the tiniest fissures could let rodents into your home.

  5. Into vents: Depending on where it’s located, your dryer vent could be a haven for mice.

If you want to remove rodents from your home in Lighthouse Point, contact Great Southern Environmental Services today. We offer everything you need to get started with effective control, including timely residential services designed with your needs in mind.

Tell Lighthouse Point Bees To Buzz Off With Help From The Pros

There’s a big difference between watching bees buzz around and watching them buzz towards your family. Although most species of bees aren’t aggressive by nature, it’s never a good idea to let them get too close for comfort. If you have a bee allergy or know someone who is, entertaining a bee problem could be a serious health hazard.

Thankfully, the professional team at Great Southern Environmental Services can help you control bees in Lighthouse Point without putting loved ones in harm’s way. We have years of experience removing common species so you can maintain a safe and comfortable yard.

Our bee control services come with the following:

  • Integrated Pest Management methodology

  • Emergency and same-day services when possible

  • Environmentally safe pest control options

Effective bee control services in Lighthouse Point are just a phone call away. With the team at Great Southern Environmental Services by your side, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are safe. 

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