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Quality Pest Control In North Miami, FL

The city of North Miami is aptly named because it is in fact situated just north of the center of Miami. But don’t be fooled, this area is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Oleta River State Park, and globally-inspired restaurants. North Miami also provides a more suburban feel for people and families who want city access without all of the hustle. But given the immense amount of heat and humidity that the area experiences throughout the year, it’s no wonder why there are so many pest problems in local homes and businesses.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we work with our customers to provide quality Miami-Dade County pest control that actually lasts. Our company has been proudly serving our community since 2001 but we bring more than 50 years of combined experience to the properties we treat. Each of our customers receives a completely customized treatment program that is built around the methods of integrated Pest Management, which means that our services last throughout the year. For more information on our services, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In North Miami

Your North Miami home is your haven; however, pests will try to infiltrate it on a consistent basis in order to gain access to the sustenance and shelter that they desire. This cycle can make for a very stressful and potentially dangerous experience. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we work with you to both eliminate and prevent pest problems. As a locally-owned business, we believe in keeping our community safe and we will always work until you feel safe. We have been providing pest control services since 2001 but our team brings more than 50 years of combined experience to your property, so you are always in trusted hands.

Our process is guided by Integrated Pest Management principles, which means that we always make safety and reliability the top priorities. Our services include setting bath traps, spraying baseboards, powdering electrical outlets, and more. We’ll return on a bi-monthly basis in order to ensure a pest-free environment throughout the year.  For more information on how our residential pest control process works, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In North Miami

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we have been servicing the greater North Miami business community since 2001. Our team of expert technicians brings more than five decades of combined experience and a wide array of certifications and training to each customer that we work with. With their cross-trained background, our technicians are experts in time-efficient operations. Our services are built around the methods of Integrated Pest Management in order to tailor our services to your unique needs and industry specifications.

We always perform in-depth inspections and share our findings with you on a regular basis. It’s always been our mission to build lasting relationships and we feel that transparency and inclusion play a large role in that process. The treatments that we make might include setting snap traps, treating standing water, spraying baseboards, and more. And by setting a recurring maintenance schedule, you’ll never have to be concerned with pests again. For more information on our commercial pest control services, contact us today.

How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My North Miami Property?

Bees are regarded for their ecological benefits; however, when they begin to populate your North Miami property, they can produce some very undesirable effects. Sometimes hives are affixed to homes or buildings, which can lead to property damage both during an infestation and during the hive removal process. A bee sting impacts different people differently but the allergic reactions can include nausea, painful welts, fever, and other swelling. To complicate matters, bees can be very easily spooked by something as simple as running a lawnmower or other clattering noises that are common in backyards. This may cause the hive to swarm, which can amplify the danger of getting stung because of the sheer number of bees involved. For more information on ethical bee prevention and removal, please contact Great Southern Environmental Services today. 

Now Is The Time To Be Thinking About Termites & Your North Miami Property

If you’ve ever wondered when is the right time to think about protecting your North Miami property from termites, the time is now. While termites are a year-round issue once they’ve infiltrated your home or business, the most prevalent time for new issues is when temperatures and moisture levels rise during the last spring and into the summer months. Termite problems can be very difficult to prevent because of the area’s access to water and the simple fact that termites eat wood.

In order to ensure that your property is fully protected from their destruction, look no further than Great Southern Environmental Services. Our termite control services always begin with a detailed inspection so that our technicians can swiftly identify problem conditions or the presence of an active colony. From there, we offer either liquid or fumigation treatments, or pre-construction to treat new buildings from the inside out. For more information on avoiding termites, contact us today.

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