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Expert Pest Control In Oakland Park, FL

The town of Oakland Park is located in the center of Florida and is surrounded by both Lake Apopka and Johns Lake. This positioning makes Oakland Park an ideal location for people who enjoy water sports and outdoor activities but the area is also home to quaint coffee shops, an extensive bike path, globally-inspired eateries, and community centers. With the amount of heat and humidity that the area experiences, pest problems are always a possibility.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we have been providing expert Broward County pest control since 2001. As a family-owned and operated business, we are committed to creating safe environments for our customers through the use of Integrated Pest Management methods and environmentally safe practices. We also have an entomologist on staff so all of our services are designed to be long-lasting. For more information on our services and to schedule your initial inspection and receive your free estimate, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Oakland Park

Whether you encounter a small pest problem or have an extensive invasion in your Oakland Park home, eliminating it can be difficult without the help of a professional. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we are a local family-owned and operated business that is committed to helping you through all of your pest control concerns. Since 2001, we have been working with local homeowners to address their needs, whether that means routine maintenance or something specific, like fumigation, lawn care, or termite control.

For our general process, we begin with an extensive inspection of your home where we can determine the extent of your pest concerns and create a treatment plan that is built around your needs. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to deliver reliable and safe services that last. Our process includes providing education on preventive measures, treating outside perimeters, de-webbing, and more. We’ll follow up on a bi-monthly basis so that you don’t have to suffer from pests again.

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Commercial Pest Control in Oakland Park

Pests like termites or rodents can cause big problems for your business, but you don’t have to handle these issues on your own. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide Oakland Park businesses with the high-quality services required in order to keep them protected from pests throughout the year. We have been working in our community since 2001 and over the last two decades, we have created a streamlined yet highly effective set of protocols that deliver real results.

We abide by Integrated Pest Management standards during the entire process because they create sustainable results and are environmentally sound. This also allows us to tailor each treatment program we perform. We have an entomologist on staff so that we can guarantee that we’re providing treatments that fully take pest biology and behavior into account. We ensure that our services are value-driven, that our customer support is always reachable, and that you never have trouble getting scheduled.

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Importance Of Professional Termite Protection For Oakland Park Homes And Businesses

Termites are one of the most insidious pests that Oakland Park homeowners and businesses can encounter. When it comes to preventing them or eliminating a colony, professional help is the best solution. Effectively monitoring a property for termite activity is nearly impossible for the average person because of how easily termite problems develop. Additionally, once a colony is created, it can contain between thousands and millions of members, and these colonies can be inside foundations or walls.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide reliable termite protection services that will protect homes and businesses throughout the year. We adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods in order to deliver education and long-lasting, environmentally sound treatments. Upon inspecting your property, we’ll determine what the proper course of action is, which may include liquid treatments or fumigation. We also offer pre-construction treatments to prevent termites from the inside out.

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How To Limit Your Mosquito Exposure Risk In Oakland Park

Mosquitoes are a prevalent pest in Oakland Park, especially when moisture levels are at their peak, but they’re not simply a nuisance. These pests also have the ability to cause health risks, as they are known to spread pathogens that cause Eastern equine encephalitis, West Nile virus, and other health risks.

Here are a few ways that you can reduce your exposure to mosquitoes and the hazards they cause:

  • Avoid wearing perfume and using scented hygiene products like shampoo and soap. 
  • Maintain a clean yard by trimming back greenery to expose more sunlight, mowing frequently, and disposing of yard debris. 
  • Don’t go outside during the hours of dawn and dusk. 
  • Turn over areas of standing water routinely and don’t let water collect in places like outdoor gear and pool covers.
  • Apply EPA-approved products like DEET and picaridin. 
  • Try planting mosquito-repelling plants like citronella, rosemary, and lavender.

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