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Tamarac is a unique place to live because, on one hand, it’s a thriving city with a variety of modern amenities, and on the other hand, it offers residents premier access to Everglades Wildlife Management Area. This city is home to countless year-round homeowners as well as snowbirds who all enjoy the area’s golf courses, walking routes, and outstanding restaurants. But as is the case with living anywhere in Florida, pests are constantly a part of the equation due to the area’s humid climate and consistent warmth.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide premium pest control in Tamarac that helps residents address pest problems with full security. Since 2001, our locally owned business has been at the forefront of safe pest solutions. Everything we do is in our quest to keep you and your property safe, so we adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods, have all of our treatments approved by our on-staff entomologist, and use environmentally friendly products as well. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Tamarac

When you live in Florida, pest problems can develop before your very eyes. At Great Southern Environmental Services, we provide customized pest control in Tamarac that will keep your home safe throughout the year. Since 2001, we have been following Integrated Pest Management methods that ensure a safe and long-lasting answer to pest infestations. This system means that our skilled technicians will be able to address your current concerns while also implementing steps that will proactively address potential pest problems.

When we treat your home, we leave no stone unturned. Some of the services we offer include baseboard, perimeter, and sink trap sprays as well as de-webbing and electrical outlet dusting. Then we’ll return on a bi-monthly basis to ensure a pest-free home. To learn more about how Tamarac residential pest control can keep your home safe, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control in Tamarac

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we make your choice for Tamarac pest control an easy one. Our company is local and family-owned, so no one will do more for your business than we will. We treat every customer like they’re family and we genuinely want to see you succeed. All of our technicians are cross-trained in order to deliver efficient high-quality service. The approach that we take to treatment adheres to Integrated Pest Management standards, so we perform detailed property inspections to understand the root cause of your pest pressures.

We take this information to create a unique treatment protocol for you, which will incorporate cutting-edge technology, safe methods, and eco-friendly products. Our team will always be there when you have questions and we are always upfront and transparent in our communications. For more information on our Tamarac commercial pest control offerings, please call us today.

Here's Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Fails In Tamarac Homes

While picking up mouse traps at the local hardware store might be tempting for Tamarac homeowners, DIY rodent control is highly ill-advised. These types of products often fail to address the entire scope of the infestation, contain the wrong bait, and don’t come with the amount of training and experience that a professional pest control company will provide.

At Great Southern Environmental Services, we deliver rodent control in Tamarac that is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Not only is this system the industry’s gold standard, but it’s also a highly effective way to address pests like rats and mice. IPM allows technicians to understand the entire picture and think creatively in order to develop unique treatment protocols. We typically perform exclusionary services, make structural changes, and provide education on prevention. What this means for your home is long-term relief from rodents in the safest way possible. For more information on rodent prevention for your home, call us today.

Answering Tamarac's Questions About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are frequent invaders of Tamarac homes. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them with some helpful answers:

  • What do cockroaches look like? While appearances vary from species to species, most cockroaches are oval or tube-shaped, may or may not have wings, will have several sets of legs and antennae, and come in a shade of brown.
  • Why am I dealing with cockroaches? You may have cockroaches because of an abundance of crumbs and food scraps, but it’s also likely that you developed an outbreak because of leaks, water accumulation, or the general humidity levels in your home.
  • Are they dangerous? Yes! These pests are linked with E. coli infections, salmonellosis, diarrhea, and a wide variety of other health risks. They are also an issue because they attract venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluses.  
  • Can I get rid of them myself? Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of for a variety of reasons. They’re all nocturnal and skilled at hiding, but they also reproduce frequently and the German cockroach has a growing resistance to many common treatments. The best solution for all cockroaches is professional cockroach prevention in Tamarac. 

For more information on cockroach control in Tamarac, call Great Southern Environmental Services today.

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